Tools For Life: A “How To Use” Tactical Flashlights Guide

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight that is originally designed for tactical use. They are specially designed to be mounted to a weapon (gun) for low shooting. A tactical flashlight is smaller than the traditional flashlights but they emit more light than the average flashlight. For maximum durability, these flashlights are made of weapon-grade aluminum material. Although tactical flashlights are primarily designed for the military and police divisions, they can still be used by an ordinary civilian as a defense tool.

How to maneuver with a tactical flashlight

A flashlight is a handy tool when it comes to walking or doing something in the dark or a poorly lit room. A good example is when you hear something move or dirt in the dark and you are not sure if that thing is a dangerous animal or an armed person. Knowing how to use a tactical flashlight will undoubtedly maximize your safety in such a situation. The following are steps on using this tactical tool:

Light on your flashlight

best tactical flashlightsThis is the first move you should do. However, you should do this when it is convenient and safe. Switching the flashlight without caution may attract attention to where you are and the person may actually know where you are and use this to his or her advantage and attack you. For maximum safety you need to follow this sequence:
· Light on the flashlight
· Scan the environment for threats
· Turn off the flashlight
· Move
· Repeat the sequence until you are sure there is nothing to be scare off.

Tactical flashlights were originally made for the police and military but today they are available and can be used by an average civilian. There are many tactical flashlights guide out there you can follow to choose the one that’s for you. This lighting tool can be used as a source of light and can also be used as a weapon for defending yourself. When using this tool for defending yourself, shine the light directly on the face of your assailant for a few seconds then switch it off. The bright light emitted by the flashlight will cause temporary blindness and disorientate your would be assailant giving you a chance to either flee or engage the person.

When using this flashlight together with a gun, it is recommended to use the eye index technique. All you have to do is to hold the flashlight in your dominant hand in such a way that the flashlight is by your eye. Using the other hand, hold your gun out and point it to the direction of your assailant. Then turn your flashlight on. But if the person is not a threat, raise the gun to your chest in readiness for firing just in case he or she attempts to attack.

Reasons why you should carry a tactical flashlight

–Acts as a deterrent
A flashlight takes away the darkness. In most cases, dangerous individuals or animals tend to attack in darkness. With a flashlight in hand you can use it to illuminate dark areas. This will deter dangerous people from attacking you.

–Can be used as an improvised weapon
Tactical flashlights are made of durable, versatile material. They can actually be used as an improvised weapon in situations where you are attacked and you have nothing to use for self defense. You can use it to smack the head of your assailant.

–Can be used during power outages
In case there is a power blackout, you can use your flashlight as a source of light. It has the ability to illuminate a big area and it can illuminate for hours.